Monday, January 16, 2012

This is probably my crowning acheivement so far!
I spent several full days creating this.

This is my menu planner:
 Here are a few close ups - this is showing the very top of the menu planner where I have all the categories

Everything is color coded according to the categories above.
These are the recipe cards:

This is the magnetic board that has the daily menu. 

I am so excited about this - it will definitely help with the 'whats for dinner?' question. It also helps me buy specific things I will need for these meals and not just throw a bunch of stuff in the cart and try to think of a meal later!

I love this - so far I have only used it for all the candy my husband got for christmas!
I spent $2 at Goodwill for EVERYTHING!

All you need is three different size plates - I was able to have mine all match. and two glasses or candle holders.

My husbands birthday was on the 6th of January and I wanted to make something unique.
Again, I found this idea on Pinterest - the most addicting site ever.

I got white tiles - for .16 cents each! - at Home Depot and printed off of map quest a map of the 8 places we have been together and mod podged the maps onto the tiles.

These are awesome coasters!
The first picture is of the bottom of the coaster.

Today I want to show you one of the first things I crafted for my house.
I got the idea for this off of Pinterest - where most of my ideas come from!

Me and my husband had always wanted some kind of out of the way see through containers for our spices and this fits us perfectly!

I collected baby food jars, cleaned off all the glue and labels. Then I cut out black circles for the bottoms where I added the label for each spice jar. On the lid I glued two to three magnets depending on the weight of the spice I was putting in there. On the lid I also glued a thin black ribbon around the edges.

I am really excited about the way they came out. They look just as i wanted them to!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Hey everyone!
This feels a little weird to get back into blogging again - I will admit I had a myspace and thought it was awesome, but I hate Facebook users that post every single thing they had done or eaten that day. 
This blog will not be like that!
I am planning on using this for a creative outlet for my life. 

There will be weirdness.

But most importantly there will be pictures!

So - here I go!